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Riko (Jimi Jackson)


Internet sensation and Influencer Jimi Jackson debuts with a fantastic performance as Riko, your local banter buddy. Riko is trying to balance friendships and loyalties as he chaperones two aliens around the area.

Peter Macintosh (Thomas Sainsbury)

Snapchat comedian and award-winning writer Thomas Sainsbury (Pork Pie) hits the screen again, now as Peter Macintosh. Peter blogs about the paranormal, whatever it takes to get your interest. He's been known to fabricate stories for a click.    

ALIEN ADDICTION (master edit)_31.jpg

Rabbit (Harry Summerfield)


You may have seen Harry Summerfeild at your local comedy club or acting in theatre and radio. Harry plays Rabbit, Riko's trusted friend, who's known for taking things to the next level, the ruthless level.

Jacinta (Jojo Waaka)

Jojo Waaka plays Jacinta, a woman determined to find love at any cost. Jojo passed away after production finished. The cast and crew were very blessed to have worked with Jojo, she was a unique, loving individual and will be in our hearts forever. Thoughts are with her beloved family. 


Shae Sterling (Director)

Shae Sterling 2.jpg

Shae Sterling is a media mogul who is mainly known for his work as a director and producer. Shae specializes in film, music videos. Shae has directed over 130 music videos including artists such as Sheila E, Snoop Dogg, T-boz (TLC), Gareth Emery, Stan Walker and Shapeshifter.

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