Alien Addiction follows Riko (Jimi Jackson) who lives in a small town in the middle of nowhere (Waikato, New Zealand). Life was pretty normal until two aliens crash landed near Riko’s house. He welcomes the aliens and together they develop an intergalactic relationship of epic proportions. Alientologist Peter Mackintosh (Thomas Sainsbury) has tracked the aliens and Riko, and plans to capture them and reveal them to the world.

Alien Addiction was filmed in parts over 3 years and is a self funded production by New Zealand director / producer Shae Sterling. 

Auntie (Veronica Edwards) is amongst the diverse cast of characters.

Hemi (above) played by Tane Huata stands on a bridge, he has to defend the Aliens from discovery.

Riko (above) played by Jimi Jackson takes his new Alien friends on a "bender".

Although mostly a comedy/sci-fi, Alien Addiction does contain some exhilarating action scenes and thrilling adventure!


“Best Picture”

March 2020 Florence Film Awards (Italy)

“Best Comedy Feature”

2020 Gelos Film Festival (Russia)

“Best First Time Director”

“Honorable Mention”

Kosice Film Festival (Slovakia)

“Official Selection & Opening Night”

Other Worlds Austin 2019 (USA)

“Official Selection & Opening Night”

Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival 2020 (USA)

“Official Selection”

Sci-Fi London 2019 (UK)

“Official Selection”

Bastalavista 2020 (Germany)

“Official Selection”

Phoenix Film Festival 2020 (USA)

“Official Selection”

American Golden Picture International Film Festival 2020 (USA)

“Official Selection”

VIIth Fantastic and Terror Festival in Tàrrega - GALACTICAT (SPAIN)

“Official Selection”

Skiptown Playhouse International Film Festival (USA)

“Official Selection”

Rock Horror Film Festival (BRAZIL)

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